Blusher Kit


Boost your luminosity & achieve an effortless, RADIANT complexion with multi-purpose, Blusher
Kit, 3 Kits each with 3 illuminating and matte shades.

  • Fine powders for a soft, lightweight texture
  • Silky mixed with matte and luminous finish
  • Suitable for face, eyes, lips – glow ALL over!
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Afrina Model Eye shadow Makeup

Made with love

This shimmering shades of blush perfect for adding glow and highlight to the cheekbone. It is combination of powders and glitter to make the skin shimmering like highlighter.

  1. Perfect for Traveler
  2. Long-lasting color on the cheeks
  3. Mix and match color on the cheeks
  4. Gives shimmer and more life to face
  5. For makeup touched ups

Number of Palette per kit : 3
Number of Color in one Palette: 3

3 Blusher Kit Colors

  • Afmetic Blusher Kit 01 15G
  • Afmetic Blusher Kit 02 15G
  • Afmetic Blusher Kit 03 15G
Blusher Kit Colors

Afmetic Blusher Kit 01 15G, Afmetic Blusher Kit 02 15G, Afmetic Blusher Kit 03 15G


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