Normal Fashion Lashes


Great for any eye shape, these lashes are flared-out to provide any look you need like light volume full volume, natural-looking curl and definition.

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Made with love

Achieve eye perfection with this high-pigment, waterproof liner that stays put all day for a fade-, melt-, crack-, and run-resistant finish. The superfine and flexible.

Eyelash Normal Types:

  • Afmetic Normal Lash 4494
  • Afmetic Normal Lash 6032
  • Afmetic Normal Lash 8015
  • Afmetic Normal Lash E64
  • Afmetic Normal Lash E65
  • Afrina Normal Lash 3525
  • Afrina Normal Lash 4132
  • Afrina Normal Lash 4402
  • Afrina Normal Lash 4777
  • Afrina Normal Lash 4788
  • Afrina Normal Lash 4811
  • Afrina Normal Lash 5107
  • Afrina Normal Lash 5127
  • Afrina Normal Lash 5535
  • Afrina Normal Lash 7858
  • Afmetic Normal Lash 4543 Br.

Lash-No.5-2695, Lash-No.3-2693, Lash-No.12-2701, Lash-No.23-2708, Lash-No.10-2699, Lash-No.1-2691, Lash-No.21-2706, Lash-No.13-2702, Lash-No.22-2707, Lash-No.9-2698, Lash-No.11-2700, Lash-No.8-2697


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